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Kim’s Knowledge Wiki

I am a software developer, and in order to keep my skills sharp, I spend a lot time during my evenings and weekends attending tech talks, reading technical books and watching video tutorials. I used to take notes using a pen or pencil in a notebook, or use multiple digital formats like Evernote, Google Docs, and the Mac notes app.

At the end of 2017, I started keeping my notes in a github wiki. With my old system, my notes were in several different locations, and I rarely looked back at them because it was difficult to find the specific topic I was looking for. Now, I have my personal knowledge wiki, where I can easily search for a topic, revise a document when I learn something new, or add a new file when I learn a completely new concept.

Wikis were originally created as a way for a group of people to maintain a shared set of information, like technical documentation about software, or the ever-changing processes of a workplace. Wiki-generators are also useful for people like me looking to document and search their evolving knowledge base.

If you want to create your own knowledge wiki on github, I recommend you work through this guide.

Note: I was inspired to keep a knowledge wiki by my friend and former colleague, Kyle Coberly. You can find his knowledge wiki here.