2 Ways to Search Your Command Line History

Sometimes you have to execute a complex command that you’ve used in the past. Instead of using the up-arrow key to scroll through your previous commands one at a time, here are two ways you can run a command without typing it again.

1. The history command

  • Type history and hit enter
  • Find the number of the command you want to run again
  • Use one of the following commands:
    • !213 runs command number 213
    • !! runs the last command
    • sudo !! reruns the last command command as sudo
  • Use control + r and the type one or two words from the command you’re looking for
  • Keep hitting control + r to go back through the history and find the exact command you’re looking for
  • Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, hit tab to autocomplete the entire command
  • Hit enter to run the command